Coffret Les Parfaits - Luxury Gift Box

Parfaits Luxury Gift Box

With Parfait Serum 17mL, Anti-Temps  Night Cream 30mL and Jeunesse Day Cream 30m

Parfait Serum 17mL – Transform the quality of your skin and elevate your mood with this luxurious concoction of enzymes, vitamins, plant and fruit extracts, and marine peptides. The crème de la crème of beauty elixirs, this potent cell repairer containing Birch Sap Extract, works in the deeper layers of aged, dry, and compromised skin to create radical transformation.

Anti-Temps Night Cream 30mL – A sophisticated formulation to target both natural and extrinsic ageing, this velvety, regenerating night cream delivers instant, sustained rejuvenation for the skin overnight. Contains a gentle floral and citrus scent to calm the senses, and a broad-spectrum collection of fatty acids, amino acids, and collagen-stimulating ingredients.

Jeunesse Day Cream 30m – A silky, luxurious elixir that celebrates health and youth, this delicate cream leaves a bouquet of gentle citrus and floral notes on the skin. Designed to fight wrinkles, repair cellular damage, maintain hydration, protect the skin, and create firmness and lift, this comprehensive multitasker is the perfect daytime moisturiser.

Parfait will suit all skins with any signs of ageing.



Anti Ageing

Mature Skins

Nutritive & Repairing

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