Each skin is unique and must be nourished in a specific way

Your skin is an extremely complex organ, the largest of the human body.

It protects your body from any external aggression.
It is made up of several cell layers criss-crossed with blood vessels and nerves.
In constant adaptation and evolution, your skin satisfies many immunological functions.
It’s high time to take care of it.

Innovative Face Care

GERnétic Skin Care combine powerful active ingredients that bring precisely dosed nutrients to the different layers of your skin.
We act on your global aesthetic system by formulating innovative products that can treat your epidermis in-depth and stimulate the fibroblasts.

Innovative Bust & Body Care

The different layers of the skin, its cells and its receptors are the many targets on which we act using active ingredients that have effective biological effects thanks to cellular biology.
We adapt each treatment to the physiology of your own skin, targeting its specific needs and by giving it back its shape, firmness and elasticity.

From Cellulotherapy to Biotechnology

Initially through cellular therapy and then through cellular biology, we have studied the physiological properties of cells including their structure, their nutritional needs, their life cycle and division leading us to make more and more effective products.

Biotechnology has allowed us to scientifically manipulate our active ingredients to give them a molecular size and weight well adapted to advanced topical treatments.

You will find this unique condensation of technology in each of our products.

Marine & SPA range

The Marine Realm contains numerous sources of rich and beneficial elements.
These are extracted from brown, red, blue and white seaweeds as well as micro algae such as Chlorella and Spirulina.
Gernétic’s Marine and Spa line takes advantages of all of them.

Seaweed composition is similar to the composition of our intra-cellular environment whereas the composition of seawater is comparable to our blood plasma.

Biotechnology, the fermentation process of micro algae, is used to extract active ingredients that are then incorporated into the face range.
Micronised seaweeds are the main elements of the face and body masks.
Spa Bath Salts bring the combined benefits of sea salt and essential oils: relaxation and remineralisation.

Essential oils are also used in conjunction with all face and body products for a totally synergetic effect.