Our Story

The origin of GERnétic

GERnétic International products are the result of a long process of research carried out during the whole of his career by Dr. Albert Laporte, a pioneer in the field of cellular anti-ageing and founder of Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse, through the study of biology at cellular level and of gerontology.


It all began in the Hôpitaux de Paris in the 1960s, period during which Dr. Albert Laporte began his research in the concept of cellular therapy and the formulation of topical treatments aimed at relieving the suffering of patients and improving the state and appearance of very damaged skin.

Innovative Concept

Dr. Albert Laporte took this innovative concept and transposed it to the world of beauty. His aim was to create a range of highly rich, and particularly efficient concentrated products. He conceptualized his theory on the ability of the body to restore its health and harmony when its cells receive accurately measured out essential active nutritional molecules. From his studies he was able to establish that numerous skin complaints are the result from deficiencies at cellular level.


A pioneer in the formulation of dermocosmetics, Dr. Albert Laporte then drew the conclusion that it was of the utmost importance to add the missing nutrients to his formulas. Labo.Ger.S global approach is to provide, in optimal doses, a combination of essential nutritional molecules in order to assist the skin in its regeneration process so that it can repair itself, get relief from its conditions and slow down the appearance of visible signs of ageing.


The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is much more than just an envelope that contains all the body organs. It is itself a living organ in constant evolution, a complex structure of specialised cells.


The skin protects us from all sorts of harmful environmental factors such as germs, pollution, chemicals, sunrays and it prevents the dehydration of subcutaneous tissues. But it is also far more than just a protective layer, it is a very important functional organ. Research in dermatology and cosmetology has highlighted its essential role in how the human body works overall. The aesthetic appearance of the skin (radiance, smoothness, complexion, etc.) reveals all the internal deficiencies and dysfunctions. The skin reflects the inside of the body

Each Skin is Unique

Each skin is unique and must be nourished in an individual manner


The skin selectively absorbs everything that is microscopic enough; it acts therefore as a means of penetration as well as a filter. Using light massages, it is possible to transfer to the skin essential nutritional elements such as vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, thus contributing to a better skin wellbeing, improving the beauty and aesthetic appearance of the face and body.


Through its wide range of dermocosmetic products, GERnétic International method compensates for internal deficiencies in order to improve or get rid of external problems.


Essential Nutrition Through the Skin

The aim of our constant search for the finest, most modern and most active materials in the field of health and beauty is to give every woman the beauty care products that will enable her to express herself through a perfect synergy of her personality and her body.
The daily challenge taken up by Laboratoires GERnétic is to provide the best and most specific services in order to fulfil all expectations.


Each of our new products is the result of endless research.
GERnétic International products provide unique results together with well-being and relaxation. They are at the service of beauty therapy to treat all aesthetic cases from the simplest to the most complex ones.


Our everyday research enables us to break new ground and to meet in a better way the expectations of our consumers. Here, at Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse, we focus our research on the increased and measurable efficiency of our products through several areas of studies: skin repair, skin ageing, skin irritation, pigmentation, slimming and well-being.



Albert Laporte begins his research in Paris’ hospitals and develops his fundamental concept: the percutaneous penetration and the ability of the skin to rebuild itself with essential elements accurately dosed.


Development of Synchro and Cytobi creams

April 1977

Creation of the GERnétic brand in Saint Raphaël, France


GERnétic is the only brand to provide a bust range that provides a holistic approach to beauty through its care protocols.

February 1989

The Gernétic flag is planted in Australia.
Jacqueline and Jean-Luc Gaubicher set up Vital Plus to become the sole distributor and educators of the innovative Gernétic method and philosophy in Australia.

June 1989

Installation of GERnétic Synthèse Laboratories in Gascony, between Toulouse and Bordeaux. Products are designed, developed and manufactured on site.


With a presence in 49 countries, GERnétic is spreading its values and philosophy around the world.

July 2008

Jacqueline’s son, Frank Sellam takes over Vital Plus, continuing to share the high standards of Gernétic’s revolutionary approach.

August 2009

Ana, Albert Laporte’s wife, takes over the management of the company after 20 years at his side. In the purest respect of the GERnétic philosophy, she develops protocols adapted to the medical and surgical world, perpetuates her late husband’s values of excellence in terms of quality and promotes the development of new innovative products.

October 2013

France distribution is taken over by GERnétic Synthèse Laboratories.


Two technical peel-off masks based on seaweed are developed: Anti-Aging Peel Off with Gold Texture and Peel Off Eclaircissant dedicated to pigment spots.

October 2015

Lift Cream is born. A technology jewel, it quickly becomes a must-have.

March 2016

GG Cream is developed. A borderline make-up, it combines being a make-up foundation and a skincare all in one.

March 2016

Portugal distribution is taken over by GERnétic Synthèse Laboratories.

September 2017

David, the son of Albert and Ana Laporte joins the company.


Creation of the Albert Laporte Grant for the support of medical research at the CIMA (Centre for Applied Medical Investigation) at the Universidad de Navarra.

January 2018

GERnétic reopens its German distribution and sets up GERnétic Deutschland.